New medical discoveries allow an increasingly limited use of substances of synthetic origin in favor of regenerative biological methods and slightly invasive techniques. RIGENERA HBW, is the result of more than ten years of biotechnological research significantly improving the field of regenerative medicine.

RIGENERA Activa AMT is developing a unique cutting-edge technology to quickly and efficiently transform tiny fragments of tissue taken from the patient into dermo-adipose micro-grafts capable of regenerating damaged or simply aged tissue.

The clinical areas of application of RIGENERA in the repair of different tissues are:


In the field of Aesthetic Medicine


The RIGENERA technique

RIGENERA Activa uses the AMT® Autologous Micrografting Technology® concept: a simple and effective autologous micrografting protocol with the therapeutic objective of regenerating different types of bio-tissues.

The technology is based on a calibrated mechanical cutting and then filtering process, delivering a concentrate of stem cells and other precursor elements such as growth factors.

RIGENERA has a sterile, single-use system made up of microblades and an 80-micron diameter filter to select and extract micrografts in 4 minutes. These are immediately injected into the recipient area in order to benefit from the regenerative growth activity of the stem cells, the extracellular matrix as well as the growth factors extracted from the donor site

Each device is equipped with an RFID chip that contains product information for security and traceability purposes.

RIGENERA and micrografts

The AMT ® protocol stimulates tissue self-regeneration by activating stem cells.

It is a micrograft therapy using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are multipotent adult stem cells with unique biological properties. Several studies have shown that MSCs have the ability to lodge in sites of inflammation after tissue damage, to differentiate into different cell types and to secrete multiple bioactive molecules capable of stimulating the recovery of damaged cells and fighting against inflammation. A high concentration of stem cells was discovered present in the upper posterior part of the neck, which are the sampling areas of the RIGENERA protocol.

RIGENERA technology uses the niche concept: during the biopsy, stem cells are removed but also the tissue microenvironment composed of proteins (ECM: Extra Cellular Matrix – Extra Cellular Matrix), growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and vascularization-promoting factors that regulate cellular functions and tissue regeneration.

In a single session, the patient's own cells are removed, before being reinjected into the desired locations, to cause regeneration by cell transplant, hence the name auto-graft. This transplant technique is called “autologous” (the donor and the recipient are the same person), which avoids any risk of rejection. 2 square millimeters of skin contain 70,000 cells.

Course of the RIGENERA session

The stem cells will regenerate in the implanted area, densify the supporting tissues and optimize the vascular network. 2 square millimeters of skin contain 70,000 cells.
The whole process takes place in the doctor's office. The process is simple, quick (one session lasts about 45 minutes) and very minimally invasive.
The patient can resume his social and professional activity the same day.
There are no side effects or follow-up care. Rejection phenomena cannot take place since the grafts come from the patient himself.

Therapeutic indications in aesthetic medicine of the RIGENERA method:

ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA: Meso transplantation of stem cells for hair growth

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common baldness in our society. It affects 10 million men and 2 million women in France. The RIGENERA meso hair transplant is a very recent hair treatment technique. This medical treatment consists of using the regenerative properties of stem cells from the patient's scalp by implanting them by mesotherapy in the bald area. It is a cell transplant for hair without surgery, without operating room, without social eviction.


The RIGENERA process provides the scalp with stem cells capable of secreting bioactive molecules that allow:


The process must be repeated every 12 to 18 months after the first session, and this on a regular basis to preserve the effects, to expand the treated area and harmonize the density of the different hairy areas, or to treat new areas.

Areas already treated will require fewer injections.


This innovative mesograft technique with RIGENERA technology injected by mesotherapy into the scalp is intended for:



To better understand, let's detail the different stages of baldness that can be treated with RIGENERA treatment:


In women with the Classification by LUDWIG:

Stage 1
It is a beginning of alopecia which results in the reduction of the quantity of hair and in a diffuse way on the top of the head (vertex). The hair becomes thinner and shorter, from which the scalp appears. This alopecia is concentrated all along the median line. There always remains a thin frontal border of 1 to 3 cm of hair.

Stage 2
It is a moderate alopecia of the vertex, with a large anteroposterior axis, which means in other words a more pronounced widening of the line, respecting the anterior line on 2 to 3 cm.

In mens with the HAMILTON NORWOOD classification:

Stage 1
Hair loss is normal, but a very slight thinning of the temporal and frontal gulfs appears. When alopecia begins, it remains inconspicuous and it is difficult to know if it will get worse.

Stage 2
The temporal and frontal gulfs become thinner symmetrically, the vertex begins to thin out.


Physiologically, skin aging comes from the progressive reduction in the synthesis of collagen, elastin fibers and the dysregulation of melanin production. Then appear wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of the typical pink color of young skin.

The causes of skin aging include prolonged exposure to UV rays, smoking, dietary factors and stress. Slowing down the biological clock is now possible naturally through the use of stem cells to stimulate tissue regeneration.

RIGENERATM stimulates tissue regeneration on the different skin components, and therefore makes it possible to improve the elasticity and radiance of the skin without using drugs or chemicals.
The new RIGENERA medical treatment helps treat skin damaged by time and sun exposure.

The mainly treated areas are:


Regeneration occurs thanks to mesografts injected in mesotherapy in areas affected by skin aging. These mesografts contain a high percentage of growth factors and stem cells essential for :


The treatment is simple and safe, it is carried out in a single session, and it allows you to immediately resume all social and work activity.

The Rigenera mesograft in 9 essential points:

1. Innovative tissue regeneration technique
2. Increase in capillary densification and hair thickness, revitalization of regrowth
3. Stimulation of revascularization and natural regeneration of the skin
4. In a single session of 45 minutes
5. Under local anesthesia
6. Autologous cell transplant into skin or scalp
7. Cells obtained from fragments of your dermis
8. No constraints after treatment
9. Visible results from 1 to 3 months (on average over 5 months)


Micro-grafts are a key technique in tissue regeneration because quick and simple, they are the most effective means for the clinical use of stem cells. The micro-graft can be obtained easily and safely using Rigenera® technology.

Rigenera® is today a CE and FDA certified medical device allowing the preparation of micrografts by a purely mechanical process for tissue regeneration treatments.

Rigenera® is protected by a worldwide patent: it is a unique medical device in the world. It is one of the great novelties of regenerative medicine which has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the field of aesthetic medicine, reconstructive plastic surgery and in the management of androgenetic alopecia. Moreover, it is beginning to demonstrate extraordinary results in parallel in areas such as cartilage regeneration in orthopedics.

Rigenera: hair meso-transplantation without surgery in Monaco