The tensor threads PDO

Nonabsorbable tensor theads have no indication on a face because our morphology evolves over time and the aging process progresses. Even well placed today, it will not be suitable because not in the right place after only two years.


This non-surgical technique is used to restructure more than lift the face and body. This is a new, minimally invasive technique that can delay or prevent surgery.


The PDO threads (Polydioxanone) are a resorbable surgical material equivalent to suture threads. PDO does not cause allergies or rejections. They are gradually digested by the body, causing an inflammatory reaction in the tissues that stimulates the fibroblasts. These act by boosting the formation of new collagen, the acceleration of the microcirculation and the regeneration and cohesion of the cells. The goal is to allow the skin to regain elasticity.


The results obtained on the face or body are natural and visible from the first month and persist 18 to 24 months.

The redensification is more or less important of the skin, according to the type of wire.


The other interest is that this revitalization of the face and body is done without increasing volume. The lines of the face are underlined, retrained, raised rather than filled.

The combination of treatments with injections of hyaluronic acid and threads is possible when some areas are hollow and others only relaxed.

The indications of tensor wires

Women or men between the ages of 30 and 60 who wish to have a younger face, without having surgery.


Tensor thread technique

The smooth threads are used to regenerate the dermis and redensify the skin: when the skin becomes less dense, wrinkles or marks.

Thanks to these threads and their inflammatory reaction, a collagenous framework is recreated. This leads to a r redensification of the skin, giving the appearance of a facelift.


To increase the inflammatory reaction and thus the restructuring effect, barbs thread are used. They create a slight traction of the skin.


The threads are inserted with a needle or a cannula in the dermis, to establish a net on the area to be treated. The threads are positioned in the skin at the time of extraction of each needle and remain in place. The number of wires placed depends on the indication.

Effects and results of tensor wires

Wrinkle attenuation and firming of the skin.


Immediately after treatment, a tensor effect is observed. The patient can resume activity despite mild inflammation in the treated area, erythema and mild pain that disappears after a few hours. Edema subsides after 3 to 4 days.


Some patients may have hematoma that disappear after a week and can be easily masked by make-up. The oval of the face may be slightly sensitive to touch for about 1 week.


A week later there is an improvement of the skin due to the local inflammatory reaction. The desired effect is obtained one month later by collagen synthesis.


The threads are resorbed gradually but their effects are prolonged in time due to the fibrosis that will persist.


It is possible to complete the treatment by adding threads after 2 months.


The frequency of repetition of treatment is 15 to 24 months.



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