Biomimetic peptides: New anti-aging revolution

Biomimetic peptides
Biomimetic peptides

Innovative peptide technology
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CAREGEN, a world leader in the peptide market, offers a range of slimming, anti-aging and anti-pigmentation peptide complexes for localized, rapid and ultra-precise treatment of the face and body.

Peptides are molecules naturally present in our organism.


They send signals to different cells in our body and are known to play several biological roles, as signaling / regulation molecules in various physiological processes, such as defense, immunity, stress, growth, homeostasis and reproduction.

The peptides present in the skin act by different mechanisms, functioning as epidermal or nervous growth factors or even as neurotransmitters.


Several peptides with remarkable biological activity have been synthesized recently. They can be used in fields as varied as cosmetics, therapeutics, immunology and even food.

These copies synthesized by biotechnology are called PEPTIDES BIOMIMETIQUES. They compensate and strengthen the natural peptides that have become insufficient and ineffective.


These bioactive peptides mimic the already existing physiological functions to preserve, repair and regenerate the tissues of our body. Clinical effects such as slowing cell aging are obtained by stimulating antioxidant enzymes, which protect DNA.


Biologically active peptides (bioactive) allowed to develop products with specific actions on the face and the body.


Thus, biomimetic peptides are excellent stimulators and therapeutic agents for preventing or treating the clinical aspects of skin damaged by the consequences of aging:



These bioactive peptides help increase the proliferation of skin fibroblasts, resulting in increased production of collagen and elastic fibers. This provides a skin tightening effect, an anti-aging action and an improvement in the healing of the skin.


CAREGEN offers a range of injectable extended release biomimetic peptide complexes unique in the world: PROSTROLANE Filler B-Series and DR. CYJ Hair Filler. All syringes also contain non-crosslinked hydrating fluid hyaluronic acid.

The PROSTROLANE Filler B-Series range:






And the Hair Filler hair syringes:

DR. CYJ Hair Filler


New biotechnologies are at the service of beauty. With biomimetic peptides we have a new anti-aging, slimming, anti-pigmentation tool to sustainably maintain the skin against the signs of skin aging, with a natural result.

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