Laser Fraxel Dual

Fraxel is the leader of laser beam technology.

The beam is dispersed into many thinner beams preventing 100 % impact on skin surface, allowing areas of healthy skin to be left alone.

The laser Fraxel Dual is able to target 5 to 50% of the skin surface.

This has several advantages:





Dual laser works quickly treating the three components of sun damage: pigmentation, texture and actinic keratosis.

The indications are:




Traitement du mélasma au laser Fraxel
Traitement du mélasma au laser Fraxel

Fraxel Laser Scar Treatment Video:

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing

Resurfacing or rejuvenation by laser is a remarkable technique which, through intense stimulation of the skin, makes it possible to obtain a modification of the texture and to partially erase the marks of time. Among the many rejuvenation methods, the laser is becoming the reference method against skin aging.


Thanks to the Fraxel Dual laser, we resurrect the skin according to the treatment parameters (power, depth, etc.) predefined before each session and which will vary as we progress in the treatment plan.


The action of the laser is twofold:




The result is a complete regeneration of the epidermis giving it a smoother appearance and a densification of its supporting tissue which will give a toning of the skin. Thus wrinkles will also be reduced.

Resurfacing au laser Fraxel
Resurfacing au laser Fraxel

Indications for Fraxel laser rejuvenation

Cette technique est proposée dès l'apparition des premiers signes de vieillissement cutané, habituellement à partir de 40-50 ans. L' aspect de pores dilatés sera lui aussi traité. La localisation des rides péribuccales constitue également une excellente indication de cette méthode de traitement.

The course of the session

An anhydrous local anesthetic cream is placed by us one hour before the session. During the session the laser will scan the area to be treated 4 to 8 times. The number of passages will depend on the indication and the texture of the skin.

The aftermath of the session

The skin is red like a sunburn for 2 to 3 days. A moisturizer is enough to calm the skin irritation. Makeup is possible.


Sun protection is necessary for the following 15 days.


The best result is obtained by carrying out 4 to 5 sessions spaced from 15 days to about a month. The result begins to be significant from the second session and will improve over the sessions as the new collagen is reformed and the epidermis is renewed. To maintain the result, it will be interesting to carry out an annual session.

Treatment of pigment spots with the Fraxel laser

Taches pigmentaires
Taches pigmentaires

Most brown spots present on the skin on the face or body are one of the preferred indications for Fraxel Laser. Most often these are superficial pigment spots induced by the sun (sun spots). Classic examples are dark spots on the face, neckline or back of the hands.


When exposed to the sun, the skin produces a protective film through melanocytes which produce the pigment melanin. Unfortunately this pigment sometimes no longer disappears when the tan disappears and these brown skin spots remain.


The interest of the Fraxel Dual Laser is to specifically destroy the melanin pigment without damaging the surrounding tissues. Before disappearing, the stain will darken for a few days while the pigment rises to the surface and then peels off. The whole process takes 4-5 days.


The laser treatment of pigment spots is the most effective compared to other techniques (abrasion, peeling, depigmenting creams, liquid nitrogen), because it preserves the surrounding tissues, and where the consequences are slight.


In general, 1 or even 2 sessions are necessary depending on the number of lesions to be treated.


Precautions :


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