Comparative chart Ultrashape Versus LPG - Velashape

There is some confusion between the various non-surgical treatments proposed to treat fat deposits.

The Ultrashape is a device for medical use only.

LPG and Velashape are devices planned for non-medical centers that can advertise. The extremely powerful and well-constructed LPG advertising message is pseudo-scientific with invented marketing terms such as endermology.

TechnologyFocused Mechanical UltrasoundVacuum Massage Machine
Treatment SpecificationsPermanent destruction of fat cells (adipocytes)Drainage of the liquid present between the fat cells without any action on the adipocytes (fat cells)
Duration of the effectPermanent effect due to the definitive destruction of the adipocytesTemporary effect ,because shortly after the stop of the drainage the water present between the cells accumulates again
Visible effectDefinitive reduction of the volume of the treated area by permanent elimination of the adipocytesVery minimal or even nonexistent temporary reduction volume of the treated area by drainage of the water present between the cells.
DisadvantagesDo not treat cellulitis that is related to under-skin fibrosis. This requires a medical-surgical treatment with a CellFina type deviceunsatisfactory effect
Number of sessions
Necessity to respect the protocol of repeated sessions (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks)
skin laxity due to aspiration during treatment
Do not treat the cause:
-fat cells blocking microcirculation persist
-the fibrosis creating the cellulitis aspect persists
where to get treatedOnly in medical officeBeautician, Physiotherapist
Number of sessions1 to 4 sessions depending on the volume of fat to be destroyed3 sessions per week for 4 weeks whith a maintenance treatment each 15 to 30 days
Communication modeNo advertising because Apparatus exclusive for medical centersDevices for beauty shop which can advertise with pseudo scientific message
ConclusionFinal treatment of fat deposits with minimum 15 days delay between the session. After each treatment the result is definitively acquired.Temporary drainage of water between cells by palpate-roll massage technique
Comparative Ultrashape - LPG Velashape by Dr Antoni in Monaco