Treatment of volume of the face

Structure of the face changes with age as bone starts to deteriorate and fat slowly slides down and disappears. These fat changes in the face is both superficial and deep. Superficial fat that slides down results in nasolabial folds of jowls.

Deep fat disappears causing a loss of volume of the temples and cheekbones giving your face a tired and carved out look.

This causes loss of tone, widening of the cheeks and a chin turning inwards.

We can restore balance and harmonious proportions of the face by restoring volume of the cheeks and redefining the contour of cheekbones, nose and chin for a firmer, smoother and rejuvenated appearance.


The aging process affects the area of the jawbone with an alteration of the contour line of the lower face.

The cheek creates two natural hollows:


To restore all the lost volume we use volumizing hyaluronic acid in which results last about 18 to 24 months. It is specially designed to restore lost facial volume in the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.

Immediately after injection, the contours of the face instantly appear fuller and more rounded, giving the face a rejuvenated look.

Injection of hyaluronic acid in Monaco Beausoleil for facial volumetrics