Russian Lips: the new tailor-made method of filler lip augmentation

This new technique, publicized by social networks such as Instagram, is taking more and more place in the treatment of lips with hyaluronic acid and is becoming a little more popular every day.


The “Russian Lips” technique consists of reshaping the lips to obtain a heart-shaped mouth, like the “Russian dolls”. The result is achived thanks to a Russian method of injecting hyaluronic acid.
Russian Lips is a tailor-made technique that adapts to the shape of the lips respecting the proportion between the upper lip and the lower lip.

Definition of Russian Lips or Russian Lip Filler

Russian Lips is a tailor-made technique that adapts to the shape of the lips respecting the proportion between the upper lip and the lower lip.

This injection of the lip makes it possible to increase its height, unlike the forward projection obtained by conventional lip injections. It is an ideal treatment to avoid the “duck mouth” effect, the profile of the lips obtained being flatter. The very precise technique makes it possible to inject delicately and in very specific places of the mouth to give the lips a firmer aspect and a fleshy appearance.

By lifting the lips you get a perfectly natural result and the lip looks much higher than voluminous. The proportions between the lips, nose and chin are harmonized in order to maintain the balance and structure of the face. During the treatment of the Russian lips, we focus on accentuating the cupid's bow by giving it the desired heart shape.

Injection technique

Before the session after a meticulous examination of the lips in statics and dynamics is carried out. The best injection technique as well as the quantity of product to use will be determined to proceed with the lip augmentation according to the shape of the lips and the wishes of the patient.

The Russian lips method consists of injecting hyaluronic acid to improve the volume and shape of the lips. Very small quantities are injected (micro-injections) using small syringes and very fine needles, which allows great precision in the placement and quantity of product delivered. These injections are done vertically to obtain a more natural and harmonious result for the face. The final volume of the lip is done on the height and not by a forward projection avoiding the « duck mouth » effect. We are also going to give a pretty heart shape to Cupid's bow, like Russian dolls.

It may be considered to apply a local anesthetic cream such as Emla to have a more comfortable injection. In the extreme it is even possible to practice a classic local anesthesia with an injection of xylocaine.

Special cases

Recently injected lips:

For patients who have recently received injections, it is advisable to wait until the hyaluronic acid previously injected is partially absorbed before reinjecting. Sometimes we proceed to the dissolution of the old product by hyaluronidase.

Very thin lips:

All lips can be injected with the Russian Lips technique. For patients with very thin lips, it will be necessary to provide more product compared to lips of average size. To keep a natural result, several injection sessions will be necessary to obtain luscious lips.


Immediately after the Russian lip injections, the result is more voluminous than the final result due to moderate inflammation which will disappear within 48 hours. This first aspect does not correspond to the final effect of the injections. The real result is visible after three days with more beautiful lips, giving a more youthful and dynamic appearance.

Sometimes, in view of the patient's fear of being injected too much and in order to avoid any risk of over-correction of the lips, it is possible to practice this technique gradually in two sessions spaced 7 to 15 days apart in order to complete the first session of Russian lip.

Duration of results

All fillers are resorbable which implies the need for maintenance of the result.

Lip fillers wear off in 12-18 months. The variability of this duration depends on the type of hyaluronic acid used and the metabolism of the patient.

To avoid a complete reinjection of the lips, small touch-ups can be considered every 6 to 9 months, which will maintain the initial result.

This method of Russian lip is also suitable for patients who wish to redraw, plump, and rehydrate their lips. Indeed the properties of hyaluronic acid are well known to slow down the aging process of the face.

Contraindications to lip augmentation

Russian lip by injections in Monaco - Dr Emmanuel Antoni