Frequently Asked Questions About the Ultraformer III

What is the technique used by Ultraformer III?

The Ultraformer III uses HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound). It is the new essential technique in anti-aging treatments for effective skin rejuvenation. It is a very safe medical procedure, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Focused ultrasound has proven its effectiveness and has been used for many decades in many fields of medicine such as oncology, neurology or ophthalmology.


The Ultraformer III delivers ultrasonic energy in the form of heat creating a retraction point for the skin. These clotting points will induce rejuvenation by creating new collagen and new elastin fibers which will tension the relaxed tissues.


The new collagen fibers give firmness to the skin while the new elastin fibers improve the skin tone.

What's new in the Ultraformer III?

It is the only HIFU machine that can treat face and body. This new technique uses several processing depths. Four types of depth used for skin tension:

Three types of depth used to treat localized fatty deposits:

The power delivered is 300% more important than that of the previous versions therefore clearly more efficient. This latest generation machine is significantly less painful.


A specific patent MMFU (Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) allowed an increase processing precision.

What is the role of SMAS in facial rejuvenation?

SMAS is the "superficial muscular aponeurotic system". The skin covering of face and neck is animated by an interconnected system of small muscles, fat and fibrous tissue. The SMAS ensures the connection between the skin and the muscles which animate it allowing the expressions and ensuring the contour of the face.


Without SMAS, the facial skin would be immobile and expressionless. Over time, the SMAS relaxes and supports the skin much less effectively. He is behind:



Thanks to the HIFU, the treatment participate in the repositioning of the SMAS upwards, correcting the face sliding down movement. The skin will follow by being pulled upwards. It is also the SMAS that surgeons target when they perform a facelift in the operating room. HIFU technology allows you to get closer to the effects of a facelift by being non-surgical, non-invasive and without any social eviction.


The SMAS is therefore an essential element in the treatments against aging of the face.


What are the indications for Ultraformer III?

Treatment of fatty deposits located at the level:


The Ultraformer III and the phototype?


This treatment can be performed on any type of skin, whatever the color (light skin like black skin).

The Ultraformer III and the sun?

This treatment does not require solar eviction. It can be practiced at any time of the year. Tanning is not a contraindication, neither before nor after treatment.

What are the contraindications?

How does an Ultraformer III session work?

A session lasts between twenty and forty minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.


No skin preparation is required. This safe and effective technique is non-surgical, non-invasive.


An ultrasound gel is applied to the skin allowing good conduction of ultrasound. Several passes are made on the treated area depending on the thickness and type of skin, and the location.


The patient will feel a sensation of heat, as well as tingling which varies according to the area treated and the sensitivity of the patient.

What are the side effects of Ultraformer III?

After the session, the skin is discreetly pink, associated with a slight edema.
Subcutaneous sensitivity can be felt for a few days.

Are "HIFU" Focused Ultrasound in aesthetics comparable to a surgical procedure?

Cosmetic ultrasound is not comparable to a surgical procedure. It is an absolutely non-invasive procedure. The facelift (Uplift) and necklift as well as the elimination of localized fatty deposits are painless without incision or pricking.


Unlike surgery where the result is immediate, the effect of HIFU appears gradually with the synthesis of new collagen (neo-collagenesis) and elastin fibers. During a session thousands of coagulation points at different depths will be made, allowing to tighten the skin from its deep layers. The results take around 2 to 3 months to set up. 6 months after the last session the result of the treatment is complete.


Regarding the destruction of fatty deposits, it is necessary to wait 15 days between each session to allow time for the body to eliminate the destroyed fatty cells.


With the Ultraformer III there is:



The objective of treatment with Ultraformer III is to obtain a lifted, toned and densified effect on the tissues as during a facelift, without surgery, without anesthesia. Surgery remains necessary when the sagging is too great.


Les Ultrasons Focalisés HIFU sont ils comparables au laser anti-âge et à la radiofréquence ?

Anti-aging lasers like Fraxel Dual act very superficially (1 mm) and will treat fine lines, the radiance of the skin or pigment spots. This can be a good complementary treatment.
The radio frequency does not heat deep enough to have a therapeutic effect on collagen.

Is HIFU treatment risky?

It is an FDA approved treatment and hundreds of thousands of aesthetically focused Focused Ultrasound treatments have been performed worldwide.
However, it is a treatment whose effectiveness and safety depends on the expertise of the cosmetic doctor.

Who is the typical patient for the Ultraformer III medical facelift?

The right candidate for a medical facelift also called Uplift by HIFU is a patient with sagging skin. The sagging of the skin can hardly sit on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, abdomen, inner thighs and area above the knees.


Treat the first signs of skin aging as soon as you see them. The age of the first treatments is around thirty years. Indeed, the medical facelift by HIFU cannot replace a surgical facelift, however many patients now prefer a medical facelift without any surgery and without social eviction.


Like the Plexr, the Ultraformer III is also a good solution to prolong the effects of a previous surgical facelift.

Who is the typical patient for body contouring of the Ultraformer III?

By body contouring is meant the treatment of body curves and in particular the areas where fat accumulates.

It is a treatment reserved for localized fatty deposits of low to medium importance, resistant to well-managed diets. For larger fatty deposits it is advisable to use the UltraShape V3.

Is Ultraformer III painful?

During the session, a feeling of temporary discomfort may occur. It is advisable to take an analgesic type paracetamol before the session for more tranquility. Nevertheless, the patient's feedback is necessary during the treatment in order to adapt the intensity of the coagulation points to each person.

In the aftermath the patient can feel for a few days the sensation of a bruise under the skin without anything being visible on the surface.

How long is the session for a medical facelift by Ultraformer III?

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, a session will last from 20 to 40 minutes.

Are the results obtained with the Ultraformer III permanent?

The results will last 2 to 3 years after the initial sessions. We are living organisms and little by little the skin cells turn to the normal course of aging.
Depending on the age and sagging skin, it will be necessary to consider one to two annual retouching sessions in order to maintain a good result and delay or even avoid a surgical facelift.

How many sessions of Ultraformer III?

Regarding sagging skin:

In the vast majority of cases between 2 and 3 sessions one month apart will be sufficient. However, in some patients, the result may be amplified by an additional session at 6 months. It all depends on the laxity of the skin and the process of biological response to ultrasound focused on the reconstruction of collagen and elastin, which varies according to the patient.


Regarding the destruction of fatty deposits:

3 to 4 sessions 15 days apart are generally sufficient. The fat cells being permanently destroyed.

FAQ Ultraformer III by Dr Antoni in Monaco and Nice (06)