Excessive facial sweating

Sweating on the forehead or on the upper lip when playing sports is normal, but episodes of facial sweating anytime and anywhere are more problematic.

In this case we speak of cephalic hyperhidrosis which, together with hyperhidrosis of the scalp, is one of the least frequent localizations of hyperhidrosis.

Aside from physical exertion and hot weather, where it is completely normal to sweat, there are several other factors that can explain excessive facial sweating.

The causes can be:



Facial sweating can become bothersome on a daily basis with significant psychological consequences, such as loss of self-confidence.

Botulinum toxin injections for excessive sweating

Botulinum toxin or botox blocks nerve transmissions to the sweat glands, interrupting the release of sweat.

The treatment in 1 single session requires about fifteen minutes.

The effect of the injections begins on the fifteenth day and persists for about six months and must be repeated once or twice a year depending on the embarassment.

Performed regularly, the duration of effectiveness can be extended.

This can therefore be a solution against excessive facial sweating, especially if the cephalic hyperhidrosis is localized, mainly at the level of the forehead.

Treatment of Excessive Facial Sweating in Monaco